Tight and Tiny. T&T is a smaller board designed to maximise volume by pushing the elements of design this way and that. The aim is to surf a smaller board taking advantage of being able to surf tighter in and around the pocket, tapping in to the speed of the wave but not lose paddling power. The nose entry is a little lower primarily because of the board length and the tail has medium rocker. The concave is deep single transitioning to a vee right at the tail to help initiate turns and flow in turn combinations. T&T is a 5 option fin system model with Quad back fins set to add traction in the barrel if that is what you want, but otherwise works best as a Thruster. The way I keep the volume in a short board is no secret, pushing out the nose area but maintaining a streamlined shape and adding a little width to the tail gets you half way there. Keeping a little thickness thru to the nose tip and adding a fraction thru to the tail brings the volume back up to feel right. You need to surf the T&T 2 to 3 inches shorter but the same width as your normal all round board and  1/16 thicker, but with your normal rail thickness and volume.

By having a relatively narrow board with the increased nose and tail area means the T&T plan shape will not be too curvy and will tend to hold in well in a bit of power. But being a short board you can man-handle it and throw it around quite easily.

Obviously this shorter movement has been going on on the World Tour for awhile and the Pro’s have adapted to it and lifted performance levels. The T&T taps into this and offers average to high level surfers the chance to get the feeling. $971

TT-01 5’6 18 21/8 22.05L
TT-02 5’6 18 1/4 2  3/16 23.45L
TT-03 5’8 18 1/2 2  1/4 24.85L
TT-04 5’9 18 3/4 2  5/16 26.2L
TT-05 5’10 19 2  3/8 27.5L
TT-06 5’11 19 1/4 2  7/16 28.95L
TT-07 6’0 19 1/2 2  1/2 30.3L
TT-08 6’1 19 3/4 2  9/16 32.5L
TT-09 6’2 20 2  5/8 34.15L
TT-10 6’3 20 1/4 2  11/16 35.8LL
TT-11 6’4 201/2 2  3/4 37.7L