WHAT I SURF – Mark Anderson

WHAT I SURF – Mark Anderson

WHAT I SURF  –  Mark Anderson | 63 years old,  90kg,  goofy, Level: competent, has trouble on the take-off ???

I’m surfing a 6’6 20 3/8 2 ⅝ rounded square XFC model at 36.8 litres.
I surf this board when the waves are good 3 to 6 feet generally beach breaks.
It is a dependable board that still has speed but holds nicely when on a wave with more power.
I don’t like too wide a nose board and this one is still streamlined and paddles in well.


Simon:  I made this board for myself and increased the volume by making the nose thicker to the tip and then shaping a semi 80’s beak style.
Otherwise it is the latest in XFC with single to double concave bottom normal rails and plan shape, although in keeping with trends, the nose area is slightly increased as well as the tail but only the slightest amount.
This is done to increase the volume a little but maintain performance.
XFC remains a good all-round board choice for reasonable wave areas for surfers at all levels.

Mark on the XFC 6’6 during the recent south swell in Sydney.
Fins are FCS system Komunity SA2 (big size) thruster fins.


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