Cooper has recently been surfing a prototype round nose very short board that I’ve been developing for 9 months. His board is 5’5 19½ 2¼ RSQ 25.35 litres.
I have been surfing the same shape at 5’11 21 2 9/16 RSQ 36.3 litres.

The idea of this board obviously is to surf a short wide board with area nose and tail but keep it thin so as to have some sensitivity and maximise performance. There can be a tendency with this style of board to keep it flat in the rocker and chunky all over. But I think the key to this model is yes to have low nose entry for speed, but to temper this with normal moderate tail rocker, and along with the thinner thickness and lowish rail have the ability to carve deep and tight thru turns in the pocket.

Cooper has been enjoying the feel and has surfed his board from 1 to 4 feet waves, that is knee high to head high.
I have surfed mine in 1 to 2 feet surf and set up as a quad. This has felt good, pretty lively and loose.

Cooper has been surfing his set up as a thruster producing generally a more positive feel with the ability to surf it in bigger waves than I have. There has been a lot of movement towards quad set up boards, maybe too much. I have surfed my 5’11 as a thruster in the last couple of surfs and it seems like this style of board is way more functional and feels right set up this way.

Looking forward to surfing it more in the coming weeks of summer.

Cooper 5’5 19 1/2  2¼

Cooper 5’5 19 1/2 2¼



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