Spudnick - 6'2 203/4 2 11/16 swallow tail volume 38.2 litres

Spudnick – 6’2 203/4 2 11/16 swallow tail volume 38.2 litres

Only available in XF technology EPS Epoxy with Biaxial fiberglass.

The Spudnick TSA model has been slightly modified to make it fit better with Epoxy lightness and buoyancy by thinning out the nose and rails a touch.
Performance is lively as you would expect from an Epoxy.

The Biaxial cloth is a stiffening agent to help with compression strength on the deck to help prevent denting. It does achieve this and I have experienced normal acceptable denting comparable to a regular PU board. This is good because normal epoxy fiberglass and resin boards are susceptible to denting, and being 100 kilos I can dent boards around the back and front foot area. I was concerned the Biaxial cloth would affect performance by changing the weight and flex characteristics possibly making the board feel stiff in the water. But this has not been the case so far the board is a touch heavier than normal EPS but about as light as a team board, which is great considering its durable nature.

I have surfed this TSA Spudnick model so far as a quad only in 1 to 3 feet lefts and rights, full to hollow waves, average to pretty good conditions.

The board flows nicely between turns and will run when you need plaining speed. It catches waves easily and holds the rail well through bottom turns, then feels best carving out of the top of the wave where the fins will release in a controlled slide if you push it. Drawbacks are it feels slightly flat thru transition turns in the very small sections of the wave and because of the buoyancy you need to be a little careful negotiating the white-water through floaters and rebounds.

But I have enjoyed surfing the TSA XF EPS Spudnick model and feel it would be a nice fish style board to have in your quiver for waves up to 4 feet for any level.
I will be surfing this board in the coming weeks and report on its performance as a Thruster.

Controlled fin release

Controlled fin release



Follow these links for more information on the Epoxy Spudnick and Face Dancer models;





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  1. ajn2156@gmail.com 5 years ago

    Hi Guys
    Am looking for a new board, with a little more floatation than the standard high performance board so I can catch more waves, especially at some of the breaks where mals and hybids are dominating the take off zone. Have been surfing about 30+ years but do not want to ever surf mals etc. Does the Spud NIck cover this , is it like the 7S range of boards, how does it compare to a ” traditional” short board which I have been surfing on. Am looking at a 6′ 2″ or around 37 litres and coming from a Channel Island M4 which does not paddle all that well

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