Bali Quiver

!cid_EE12F309-269A-484A-8023-56C6DCF808D8-7.6 in small and bigger waves at Ulu-3

7’6 at Ulu

7’6 19 7/8 2 7/8, 5 ⅝” Swallow Tail DSC Vee bottom, 46.6 litres.
The 7’6 is an old style shape with a modern twist.
The plan shape is pretty standard but the wide point is more central compared to the old days, where the WP would be a little forward of halfway.
The rails are 70′ & 80’s style, with a flattish deck combined with a thicker nose gives the board good volume and paddling power at 46.6 litres.
The tail is fairly thin and the rails at the tail remain low.
Rocker is modern with a fair amount of nose 6″ and tail 2 13/16″.
The bottom is vee from nose to tail very slight in the front 3rd building and peaking to significant in front of the fin region.

!cid_0F864BF8-296F-4B08-8465-E10FE4D6181E-7.6 small and bigger waves at Ulu-4

7’6 small waves at Ulu

The 7’6 felt pretty good, it was a bit drifty at times and not as solid on the bigger waves as I would have liked, but felt pretty loose when surfing it in the smaller waves. To improve it for Bali I would move the wide point further forward and thin out the tail a little.

!cid_60F070F0-99B8-48B3-8C3C-3B9AFE132A83-small and bigger waves at Ulu-2

!cid_6E7980CC-F9E9-4995-9607-D3E2F9555688-small and bigger waves at Ulu-1


6’9 20 2 ⅝ Round Tail DSCV, 37.65 litres.

!cid_35C6E028-2837-49CF-8968-161407524C8E-dscv 69 20 2 5.8 rt

DSCV 6’9  20  2 5/8 RT

!cid_89E3CC2C-B749-4573-A2FF-A6BB9018CF3F- 6 9  

The 6’9 is a classic round tail semi gun shape with nice balanced outline curves.
The rail is a normal low soft SA rail with not much squareness and lowish rails thru the tail area.
Rocker is smooth with 5 11/16″ of smooth nose entry and 2 11/16 tail rocker.
The bottom has slight to medium single concave thru the mid to forward area of the board going to slight vee thru the back half, with double concave cut thru that fading out in the Thruster fin region.

Felt like a good solid board but not magic as my mid-range board to improve it I would add a little more rocker and for hollow waves change it from a DSCV to a DSC for more bite.

!cid_E265B0AA-EBB8-4A4C-87F3-4F0130D7AFAF-6 9 dscv

6’9 DSCV


6’5 20 ⅝ 2 ⅝ Round Tail Face Dancer, 36.89 litres.

!cid_89E3CC2C-B749-4573-A2FF-A6BB9018CF3F- 6 9
This is the board I had on the Gold Coast earlier this year.
Plan shape – Nose: 12 3/8, Tail: 15 ¼, Nose Rocker: 5 5/16, Tail Rocker: 2 9/16.
Deep single concave to slight vee at the round tail, normal rail.

Felt really good in the small waves and was a good addition to round out a Bali trip and maximise fun at 1 to 3 foot.

!cid_A5AD76DC-7CE4-4793-AABE-C080C5F02B1B-fd at Karamas

FD at Keramas

!cid_4006350C-233B-435F-8B8D-82D9B920EB1B-FD as a Thruster at Ulu

Face Dancer at Ulu

!cid_A22B9F7F-516E-4F2A-BD65-AEFBFA4DAA11-FD 65 20 5.8 2 5.8 rt

FD at Ulu

!cid_A6E7B40B-8D63-46B7-B0CE-25B100CB883F-fd surfed as a quad



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