Board – Spudster 6’0  x  21½  x  2 ¾ RT 36.80 litres, single to double concave vee at the round tail, quad option Thruster fin set up. Today surfed as a quad with SA2 Simon side fins at about 4 ⅝” deep and Soar 70 30 foil rear quads at about 4 5/16″ deep.

Spudster 6'0 - Photo of Simon by MakoSpudster 6'0Photo by Mako
Surfed by Graham and Simon – waves barely a foot, high tide, light onshore breeze, good little left bank, occasional right, not much power and a bit of back wash.

Graham (56, old Narrabeen surfer) – the board is way too big for me but in the small fat waves it had good speed across the wave face. But what I found interesting was that the board would still turn tight when I needed it to. I guess this was because of the quad set up making the big board loose enough for me to have fun on.

Simon – the waves were pretty small and it was hard to get going for the most part, in this type of surf I would have been better off with a Spudster board at 6’1 or probably 6’2. This is a minimal board for me at 6’0, I’m 100 plus kg’s. I did get one wave where the back wash hit just at the right time and gave me a little boost on the take-off providing speed into the first turn, so I appreciated the tight loose feel of the little board. It is supa loose as a quad and rockets out of turns, I’m looking forward to surfing this board in more powerful small waves as a Thruster or at least waves with a little less tide on it.

Graham Maker


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