Design Development for Summer Boards – part 2

Design Development for Summer Boards – part 2

Summer Shooters – part 2

Fish style & Full Blown Fish

Summer board options in the current range –

Is a Fish to Full-Blown Fish style board retaining a bit of performance and all-rounder feel for 1 to 4 feet, probably best in 2 to 3 feet good little waves.

Simon Anderson riding 6'0 Spudster modelling XF EPS technology

6’0 Spudster in XF EPS technology

Stu Campbell surfs a combo of the Spudnick & Spudster models. Dimensions 5'8 20 1/2 2 1/2 32.25 litres. Image by Tim Samuels

Stu Campbell combo of Spudster and Spudnick 5’8 20 1/2 2 1/2 32.25 litres. Image by: @timsamuelphotography

Classic foundation model Fish Style Roundtail, all-rounder best in 1 to 5 feet.

Closest board in the range to a Full-Blown Fish with round nose and wide rounded square tail for 1 to 4 feet surf.

Development Fish to Full-Blown Fish models; 
I’ve been working on some round-nose slight variations to the Nomad theme with different bottoms and some including channels with various dimension options.
I like the concept of the round-nose as it allows you to surf a really short board for your level.
There are some drawbacks, like the round-nose and low nose entry can catch if you’re not careful in a tight pocket, but the joy of surfing something out of the question length-wise as a super short board and still have paddling and wave catching ease is an experience worth exploring.

In the shaping bay with Simon's 5Spark Performance Fish and 6'5 21 2 5/8 Round-nose surfboards

5 Spark Performance Fish and 6’5 21 2 5/8 Round-nose

I’ve applied the round-nose theme to various styles of board over the last 18 months. The standard Nomad for me would be 6’0 21 2 5/8 at around 36.5 litres or so.

Recently I’ve made longer round nose prototypes with similar Nomad features, like low nose entry and single to double concave to vee at the rounded square tail in EPS at 6’6  20 1/2  2 5/8  39.45 litres, also in standard PU materials at 6’5  21  2 5/8  RSQ  39.75.

These two boards are again taking advantage of the round nose increasing overall volume resulting in dramatically increased paddling power but still surfing pretty good for a big volume board.
To compare a normal board for me with the same volume close to 40 litres would be a DSC at 7’0 20 1/4 2 11/16 RP.
At the other end of the scale in round noses I’ve been doing Double-Ender plan shapes with a narrower wide point.

Simon Anderson riding 6'0 DoubleEnder surfboard

6’0 1/2 Double-Ender

So 6’0 1/2 long 20 1/2 wide and 2 11/16 thick giving me 37.6 litres which is more the correct volume for me in a small wave board for waves up to 4 or 5 feet at the moment.
Bottoms in the 6’0 1/2 have been single to double to vee, or single to vee back half with channels cut into the vee. Both bottoms are going well with the main advantage again being the ability to surf a high volume little board.

Performance Mollusc

Simon Anderson with 2 Performance Mollusc surfboards, dimensions 6'2 20 1/2 2 11/16, 37.19 Litres

2 Performance Mollusc surfboards – 6’2 20 1/2 2 11/16 37.19Litres

Performance Mollusc is a lower volume style Mollusc so a bit shorter and narrower and minimum volume.
Riley Cadman has been on fire surfing an X-Core Reactor EPS 5’6 1/2 19 2 1/4 Round tail 26.34 litres. 5’6 1/2 because we are working to a target volume taking into account length width thickness in order to get the style of board right.

Riley Cadman with his magic Mollusc X-Core Reactor 5'6 1/2 surfboard

Riley Cadman’s magic Mollusc X-Core Reactor – 5’6 1/2

In this case a performance looking craft in Mollusc form.

Riley Cadman surfing his 5'6 X-Core Reactor Performance Mollusc model surfboard

Riley Cadman – 5’6 X-Core Performance Mollusc

I’ve been surfing a 6’2 20 1/2 2 11/16 Swallow tail at 37.19 litters in regular PU foam fibreglass resin. I guess the formula here is you can target any model you like and customise it to your current all-round performance boards volume. This will then produce a faster more responsive Fish board for 1 to 3 feet or so, where as the Full-Blown Fish will require a little more volume overall.

New Full-Blown Fish trials
No secret in Australia we get more down time with no swell then swell alert.

To keep surf fit, trim and ready for the next decent swell you need to do some surfing in minimal, marginal sometimes shitty beach break surf. A full-blown fish may not be needed by really good surfers or groms. But if you’re getting on, unfit, or an average surfer this can be the most important board in the quiver.

I’m working on this right now with a load of boards around the 36.7 litres to 37.1. Dimensions are 5’10 21 2 11/16 in Round tail, Swallow and Square, with a couple of bottom variations including an old fashioned vee bottom.

Full blown fish style surfboards - Simon Anderson with his 5'10 Full Blown Fish model

Full-blown fish – 5’10

Have surfed this board a couple of times and love the feel of the vee bottom combined with the low nose entry and forward wide point.
A lot of 70’s and 80’s influence in this one.
These development summer boards are regular EPS and regular PU, glassed as light as possible. If anything the volume on the 5’10’s is a little low for me, and particularly in 1 foot surf I would need to go up in length to 5’11 and possibly out to 21 1/4 to get 37.4 to 38 litres.

I’ve found that all these boards work and that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the strange appearance.
Have a decent Summer.


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