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NEW MODELS: Nomad  –  T&T – Face Dancer Step Up – Owl

Mark Anderson with 6'6

Mark with 6’6


Mark with 6’6

!cid_12693A5D-516D-4CEE-91C4-289F55B7F177 Mark Anderson with a development small wave all-rounder at 6’6 20 3/8 2⅝  37 litres. This board is generated from his proto T&T 6’3 20 3/8 2⅝ slightly wider tail board. He liked the feel of the shorter board but needed more paddling and hold, but wanted to have a similar feel. Sounds reasonable, the 6’6 board came out similar to XFC but a little more rocker and slightly wider nose and tail. I have surfed this board and love the feel in our Sydney winter waves producing nice hold off the bottom and good feel on late drops and surfing tight to the curl, old expression. This board maybe fits somewhere into the Big S range, or possibly a new model on its own merits down the track.

 The Nomad

Cooper 5’5 19½ 2¼ 25.35 litres

Cooper 5’5 19½ 2¼ 25.35 litres – Nomad


Simon 5’11 21 2 9/16 36.4 litres – Nomad


Simon 5’11 21 2 9/16 36.4 litres – Nomad model

The Nomad is a new model just released and available through shops now. It has been a while in the development stage, but is a feel good summer small wave design that seems to work best as a thruster but comes as a quad option board.

Cooper loves this shape and has no trouble keeping speed, launching and landing airs, it feels like you can surf it more centrally because of the round nose and the fact you surf it 4 to 6 inches shorter than regular all round boards. So less shuffling of feet going front foot to back foot. Good platform to jump to your feet on the take-off for old guys, or average surfers worth a look.



T&T  Simon’s board 6’3 20 3/8 2 11/16 RSQ 36.04 litres

T&T Simon’s board 6’3 20 3/8 2 11/16 RSQ 36.04 litres

!cid_689CD9DD-48A4-44BA-AB79-54C555662160 !cid_C7C0E232-3EE5-4925-9D63-DEC5D5471B9E !cid_D697400D-C54C-4605-AF26-8F8BAA3F92A7Simon’s board 6’3 20 3/8 2 11/16 RSQ 36.04 litres.

T&T is now available or very soon will be, and also has been in the development stage for a while.

 I have surfed this a lot and find it is a great small wave high performance option. T&T would not be your sole all-round board unless you are from a small wave region or only surf up to 4 feet beachies.

It is a frisky 1 to 4 feet wave board similar to Early Bird but in this case T&T is configured differently being narrower at the wide point but maintaining volume by keeping area in the nose and tail, a subtle difference.

Most board makers are offering a similar style board, it is definitely tour influenced and is my version for surfers wishing to get that feel of surfing a smaller board but with enough volume not to be stupid. T&T also is a little thicker at the stringer but with the same rail as if it wasn’t thicker.

Face Dancer Step Up

Chris Enever on Face Dancer Step Up 5’10 18⅛ 2 1/16 RT 23 litres

Chris Enever on Face Dancer Step Up 5’10 18⅛ 2 1/16 RT 23 litres

!cid_A935746C-2EC4-492D-A1CA-4470E0CD70FA !cid_1DC268A9-4E47-4B2E-8171-A8DA51575DB5 !cid_9D5A39DF-D74B-4944-B71F-8B9EBC0A8161Chris Enever on Face Dancer Step Up 5’10 18⅛ 2 1/16 RT 23 litres, Chris prefers the FD SU as a thruster but is a quad option model.
This is not a new model but now comes with some new optional dimensions you will find on the surf shop racks soon.

I’m doing the Face Dancer with a narrower set of dimensions as well as the wider boards from last summer and I will have a range of Face Dancer Step Up dimensions available for solid good waves around the 4 to 7 feet range. So a possible traveller for Indo or just when your local fires up with more size and power.

The Owl

All shots at Newport Peak

All shots at Newport Peak

!cid_1BFDAD59-0F2F-47F8-ADD1-4D17C0F221EE !cid_4506019F-7128-409D-B74C-050D903DFEDA !cid_E84083F4-45D8-4A34-A5B2-1DD2E7319369The Owl, this is a bit left of centre, inspired by Wayne Lynch’s surfing and board from the film Sea of Love.
The board is 6’4 20½ 2 9/16 36.4 litres almost a double ender style plan shape with semi round nose. The bottom is single concave to a deep vee through the back half, the rocker is fairly low with rails a little thicker edging towards a flattish deck which has a slight 70’s S deck thickness distribution.
The idea is for the board to travel with speed on the flat rocker but fit in and turn shorter due to the vee bottom. Catches waves easily and good platform to jump to your feet, feel is nice in turns on the face, but doesn’t hold too well off the bottom.
Probably not a future model but I will return to this board at some point, I think it would be good in 2 to 3 foot light Winki Pop style waves.


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