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The Face Dancer model has been steady in the range.
I’ve been working on some slight variations to the FD to enhance its range of performance to make it a definite good wave board.

The Face Dancer I surf is the 6’5  20⅝  2⅝  36.4 litres with the quad option 5 plug set up. This board is purpose built for me for in particular 2 to 4 feet beach break waves. The little bit of width (20⅝) going to the round tail on a 6’5 board gives the plan shape quite a bit of curve, this can cause the FD to be prone to not holding in at high speeds. It is also what contributes to making it responsive in smaller waves at lower speeds, but you can’t have everything.
I like the FD and wanted to surf it in good waves around the 3 to 5 feet range on the beaches and point breaks.

6’5 20½  2⅝  good wave FD on the beach up north

6’5 20½ 2⅝ good wave FD on the beach up north

Routinely I test new models out on the team guys and had made a small wave FD version for Cooper Chapman and also a step up FD version.

The small wave FD is 5’11 18⅝ 2 3/16 25.42 litres and step up 6’0 18½ 2 3/16 25.7,  both boards being true to the model, that is same rocker concave rail and plan shape just obviously trimmed down to fit Coopers current board specs.

Cooper and the 5’11 FD

Cooper and the 5’11 FD

Cooper at Manly on the FD 5'11

Cooper at Manly on the FD 5’11

Cooper in particular liked the step up 6’0 in point waves up north getting better hold thru drawn out turns. So this was the catalyst for what I wanted on my own impending trip north and also for clean good days at my local around the 4 to 5 feet mark. To achieve this I only needed to adjust the width slightly going from 20⅝ to 20½ on the 6’5 with the same thickness 2⅝. So same rocker concave and fin placements, same board just a little narrower to straighten the plan shape and give me a touch more hold but keep all the speed and performance.

6’5 20 1/2 good wave FD

6’5 20 1/2 good wave FD

It can be a fine line and this board would be an alternative to my XFC 6’6  20½  or  20¼ wide 2⅝ thick round square tail board.
I’d been North the previous year with the wider 6’5  20⅝ standard FD and liked it a lot at Noosa, but when I surfed this board in Bali it definitely had its limitations, feeling too fast and loose there. Now I’ve surfed this new 6’5 FD 20½ wide board at quite a few places; Angourie 4 to 5 feet, Noosa Tea Tree 3 to 5 feet and around Sydney.

I like the feel of the narrower FD board, it gives you the added hold off the bottom and feels dynamic off the top and in the pocket, and loose enough when surfing waves at 3 feet.
So in a way a genuine all-rounder.

Narrower 6’5 FD up north

Narrower 6’5 FD up north

I liked the feel of the narrower 6’5 board so much that I extended it to include a trial step up board at 6’8 20⅛  2⅝  37.14 litres and also a semi gun style board at 7’0 20 2 11/16 40.74 litres, both generated from original FD designs.

6’8 FD in powerful beachies at Johanna, Victoria

6’8 FD in powerful beachies at Johanna, Victoria

The 6’8 FD has been feeling very nice and gives me more paddling power and feels comfortable surfing in 4 to 6 foot plus surf, and now in winter with a 2/3 steamer on. The 6’8 has less concave, similar rocker, maybe a touch more nose rocker proportionally than the 6’5, rails are the same just lower through the tail and the plan shape is becoming more old school not too wide through tail and nose in particular.

Same with 7’0 FD, more streamlined in the plan shape generated longer on the machine software and with a further decrease in concave depth.
I think the feature of both boards is that they feel versatile in that they surf down nicely as well as feeling good in stronger conditions.

7’0 FD surfing down OK

7’0 FD surfing down OK

In part I’ve embarked on this mission of all-round and step up FD’s because the team guys have been positive with their experiences. In general they are surfing very minimalist equipment, that is short narrow thin, so by this principal whenever they order any particular model of mine it will be a high performance version.

Chris with the 5’10 FD thruster only

Chris with the 5’10 FD thruster only

Chris Enever is surfing a 5’10 18⅛  2 1/16  22.95 litre FD, a slight step up for him and liking the feel in the barrel and on the face. He has surfed this board in flawless Bells Beach and Narrabeen.

Chris and Cooper prefer to surf their boards as thrusters to the extent that they no longer get the quad option plugs.

Sequence Chris at Bells on the 5’10 FD

Sequence: Chris at Bells on the 5’10 FD

IMG_3849 But I think it doesn’t hurt having the extra plugs installed and to make up your own mind, Kelly, CJ, Mick and Parko amongst a few others on tour still go to a quad for hollow waves.

Face Dancer good wave boards will be available shortly in shops on the rack. We will be expanding the range of regular Face Dancer models to include the slightly narrower good wave dimensions along with the wider existing Face Dancer stock boards.

So Face Dancer 6’5 will be either 20⅝ wide, or slightly narrower at 20½ wide on the shop rack.
This will be across the range, for a further example the current 5’11 FD is 19 ⅛  2¼  26.67 litres, new all-round 5’11 FD will be 19 wide 2¼ thick 26.59 litres.

The new slightly narrower FD boards are essentially more an all-rounder, a board you could have as a lone board and be able to surf it in anything week to week Summer or Winter.

We will also have the step up version of FD in line with my 6’8 board available in shops.
This board should be surfed 3” longer a ¼ to ½” narrower and the same to 1/16 thicker than your regular board.

A few examples in the new range of Face Dancer SU (step up) are the 6’8  20⅛  2⅝  37.14 litres (same as my board), FD SU 6’5  19¾  2½  33.34 litres, FD 6’0 18⅝  2 3/16  25.88 litres, FD SU 5’11  18½  2⅛  24.74 litres.

The new Face Dancer Step Up boards are filling the gap probably left with the departure of the SXE in the range and the new slightly narrower Face Dancer boards are an alternative to XFC with the added advantage of quad option.
If the dimensions on offer of any of my models is not quite hitting your requirements we can customise any board.

At home with 7’0 20 2 11/16 Face Dancer board, a possible inclusion for the future

At home with 7’0  20  2 11/16 Face Dancer semi gun board, a possible inclusion for the future



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